About Us

The Charles P. Crowley Company was founded by Charles P. Crowley, Sr. in 1932. Originally from Springfield, MA, Crowley was a Stone & Webster engineer involved in building the first Edison Company steam plant in Long Beach, CA. The plant’s completion in 1931 coincided with the Great Depression, resulting in the loss of jobs for many, including Crowley. He responded by becoming a manufacturers’ representative for steam-oriented products, locating initially in downtown Los Angeles, before moving to the City of Commerce in 1955.

Charles “Paul” Crowley, Jr. served as company President from 1962 until 1993. Under his leadership, the company expanded its focus to include water and wastewater treatment equipment, chemical feed systems, and flow measurement equipment. The company quickly established itself as a worldwide leader in liquid and dry chemical feed systems integration.

In 1993, the baton was passed to Jon Crowley, who in 2004, moved the company to its present headquarters and facilities in Irwindale, CA. Today the Charles P. Crowley Company represents numerous leading manufacturers of engineered equipment for water, wastewater, power, petrochemical, and industry, having outlived all of the manufacturers originally represented in 1932.