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We’re starting off this month by taking you inside a leading precision metering gear pump for industrial applications. Next, we get a feel for how the heat (efficiency) has been turned up on the latest industrial plate heat exchangers, and then wrap things up with three keys to choosing the best mixer for municipal water tanks or reservoirs.

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So let’s roll down a (St. Pat’s green) river and dive into to this month’s Chatter . . .

Manufacturer of the Month

ZENITH PUMPS, a brand of CIRCOR International, has provided pulsation-free‚ metering gear pumps and systems to meet critical process needs across a wide range of markets and applications since 1920. Precision gear pumps are an integral part of many manufacturing processes requiring metering, mixing, dispensing, coating, and extruding, where accuracy and uniformity of flow are critical. With high metering accuracy, pulse-free flow, and long wear life across a wide range of fluid and pressure conditions, the Zenith Pumps brand is synonymous with high performance and reliability.

The Zenith 9000 Series metering gear pump is the industry standard for true precision metering for challenging applications in a wide variety of industrial processes.

The design utilizes high AGMA standard external spur gears enclosed within a close tolerance housing assembly. This provides you the precise volume of fluid dispensed per shaft revolution.

The housing is constructed from a precision ground and lapped three-plate assembly. This assembly is aligned with dowels to allow close control of operating clearances. This construction method in combination with several proprietary internal features is what ensures precise, pulseless and reliable fl ow under varying process conditions. When Zenith pumps are coupled with a pre-packaged, integrated, closed-loop speed control and a compact motor driver assembly (AC or DC), Zenith is able to provide the most precise and flexible metering gear pump system on the market.

The benefits go straight to your bottom line:  

HIGH ACCURACY – Stable, repeatable flows are assured under varying conditions of temperature, viscosity and pressure.

UNIFORM FLOW – Unique design offers virtually pulseless flow without valves or flexible elements that add complexities, increase cost and hinder performance.

SPECIFIC ENGINEERED SOLUTIONS – A variety of pump heads and drive combinations are pre-configured to provide you a range of standard options.

CONSISTENT PRECISION – Unparalleled mechanical precision, combined with closed-loop accuracy, ensures exact volume per revolution without expensive flow meters.

LOW COST OF OWNERSHIP – Only three moving parts and hardened abrasion resistant materials provide excellent wear, corrosion and self-lubricating performance.

PROVEN APPLICATIONS – Years of practical application experience, backed by a technical staff with a variety of technical credentials, eliminates the guesswork.

In addition to standard product offerings, Zenith also produces custom-engineered pumps for demanding services, such as submersible, flushable, and sanitary applications. Located in Monroe‚ NC‚ the Zenith manufacturing facility is ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Certified.High Accuracy

The Cutting Edge

ALFA LAVAL has raised the bar once again when it comes to producing reliable, serviceable, and energy efficient heat exchanger technology for their customers. Alfa Laval’s development team has been hard at work, questing every aspect of their designs in search of improvement. The results are bold, including innovative new features and technical concepts that have not been seen before.

The TS45 is the world’s most modern gasket plate heat exchanger. Every inch of its design is intentionally created with flexibility and performance in mind. This means that it is the most versatile of its kind on the market and can benefit virtually any application, especially cooling duties.

These large new plates are packed with innovations to take thermal efficiency to new heights. The first of which is Alfa Laval’s noncircular inlet and outlet OmegaPort. This small design change has significant results. Thanks to an increased thermal surface area it can boost efficiency across the whole plate pack. In some cases, it even means that fewer plates are required per pack without losing out on performance.

With the TS45, Alfa Laval sets a new standard for thermal efficiency in a plate heat exchanger.

Top Three

Active mixing is key to controlling, maintaining, and improving water quality in a stored water supply. KASCO CertiSafe™ tank mixers are simply the fastest and most effective tank mixers on the market. Helping to ensure your community always has access to safe, clean drinking water, CertiSafe™ is the superior solution to eliminate common problems, including:  

  • Thermal and chemical stratification
  • Residual loss
  • Biofilm buildup
  • Disinfection by-products
  • Nitrification in chloraminated systems
  • Development of ice caps
  • Sediment accumulation

CertiSafe™ mixers are certified and tested to strict NSF/ANSI 61 & NSF/ANSI 372 standards, and designed for use in drinking water storage tanks and reservoirs 20,000 gallons and larger. This powerful, active tank mixer is fully submersible up to 50 ft. of depth, easy to install, and can be mounted using a floor, suspension or pipe mount.

Control panels for CertiSafe™ are 60Hz, single phase units available in 120V and 240V. UL listed and easy to install, these panels include an H-O-A control switch, indicator LED, and SCADA I/O for remote operation and monitoring. Control panel, unit mounting, and solar options are available separately.  CertiSafe™ mixers are ETL Listed to UL and CSA standards.

There’s no shortage of reasons for entrusting KASCO CertiSafe™ mixers to maintain and improve the quality of your stored water, but we’d like to share three keys that truly set these mixers apart.

FASTEST BLEND TIMES – Complete blending in the shortest time ensures you always get the highest water quality available.

LONGEST LASTING – Motors are uniquely designed to stay cooler and last longer, and the units are entirely repairable and rebuildable.

ENGINEERED TO PERFORM – Propellers are specifically designed to complement the horsepower of each unit to maximize efficiency and create continuous water flow.

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