Good Eggs

No need to beat the bushes, as we’ve already collected these bits and bites of useful information for you. In this month’s Chatter, we start things off by diving into how thermoplastic construction sets the standard for pump performance when handling corrosive, abrasive, waste streams or ultrapure fluids.

Then we soak up the latest in pump station design that eliminates the pains commonly associated with submersible lift stations.

Finally, we polish things off by highlighting three stand-out service offerings from the one stop repair and rebuild shop for municipal wastewater treatment plants.

Time to crack the shell of this month’s Chatter . . .

Manufacturer of the Month

Since 1950, VANTON Pump & Equipment has been manufacturing the most comprehensive line of thermoplastic horizontal (CHEM-GARD) and vertical (SUMP-GARD) centrifugal and rotary pumps on the market. All wetted components are injection molded/extruded homogenous Polypropylene, PVC, CPVC, or Kynar making Vanton’s lineup of nonmetallic pumps chemically inert to fluids across the full pH range and are selected specifically for the dependable handling of caustics, acids, or other corrosive or hazardous fluids, as well as the handling of wastewater and ultrapure liquids. Thermoplastics eliminate corrosion and reduce abrasion common in metal pumps; wicking, absorption, and abrasion issues found in fiberglass-reinforced pumps; and, porosity and delamination problems often associated with lined metal pumps. 

Vanton’s SUMP-GARD vertical thermoplastic pumps are ideally suited to handle acidic or alkaline liquids or wastewater across a wide range of pH values. SUMP-GARD pumps offer you the broadest range of chemically resistant vertical pumps in the industry in available lengths from 2’ to 20’. The stainless-steel pump shafts are completely sleeved in thermoplastics to eliminate fluid-to-metal contact, ensuring long-term optimal performance in harsh environments. 

Additionally, Vanton offers a cantilevered, bearingless vertical SUMP-GARD SGK with run-dry capability. The Vanton SGK pump has a large diameter, cantilevered stainless-steel shaft design eliminating the need for immersed line shaft bearings, and permits dependable operation under dry running conditions. Its heavy-duty shaft is completely isolated from the fluid being pumped by; a thick sectioned thermoplastic sleeve. thermoplastics make them ideal for handling corrosive, abrasive, and hazardous process fluids, and wastewater liquids across the entire pH range, as well as ultrapure fluids that cannot tolerate metallic contamination.

Vanton CHEM-GARD CGM Pumps are magnetically driven centrifugal pumps that meet ANSI B73.1 Standards as well as Hydraulic Institute Standards. All fluid contact parts are molded of solid polypropylene or Kynar making them chemically inert. This allows CGM pumps to eliminate the corrosion associated with metal pumps; wicking and contamination associated with fiberglass pumps; and, porosity/delamination associated with plastic-lined metal pumps.

Being sealless, and without metal-to-fluid contact, the Vanton CGM pumps are ideal for the leak-proof transfer of corrosive, toxic, hazardous, and volatile liquids, as well as for the handling of high purity water, reagent-grade chemicals, and other fluids that must remain contamination free.

The Cutting Edge

SMITH & LOVELESS EVERLAST™ Pump Stations present a safer, quicker, cleaner, and less costly approach to lift stations. These cutting edge pump stations offer end-users five major benefits compared to conventional lift station approaches:

  1. Higher Ease of Operation and Maintenance

  2. Higher Level of Operator Safety

  3. Longer Service Life

  4. Pump Technology that Eliminates Clogging from Flushables

  5. Lower Life-Cycle Costs

The key to reliably delivering these benefits starts with a pump station philosophy rooted in robust factory construction and pre-shipping testing, and the simple idea of making inspection and maintenance as safe and easy as possible. Smith & Loveless places all pumping, mechanical and electrical components above the wet well with immediate access at ground level. This means that the pumps reside at ground level out of the sewage and always dry. As such, inspection of the entire pump station can be accomplished in mere seconds by simply opening the hooded enclosure.

The heart of any pump station is the pump, and it is no different with EVERLAST™ Pump Stations. The proprietary S&L STAR ONE™ Non-Clog Pumps, designed to meet the 10 States Standard for passing three-inch (3”) solids, feature wastewater-industry exclusive oversized stainless-steel pump shafts, oversized bearings, and bronze seal housings to deliver the industry’s longest service life and high efficiencies for solids-handling pumps. The pumps’ larger shaft diameter provides increased rigidity, while its stainless-steel composition eliminates the possibility of rusting and deflection, the primary leading causes of eventual pump failure for wastewater solids handling pumps. For applications with heavy flushables and clogging issues, S&L offers the proven mono-port X-PELLER™, which is designed to pass all the solids without allow building and eventual clogging.

Top Three

REBUILD-IT is the one stop repair and rebuild shop for municipal wastewater treatment plants. Offering free on-site inspections, Rebuild-it’s team of professional and experienced engineers and technicians evaluate the performance and overall condition of your equipment to provide recommendations in a detailed inspection report along with a scope of work.

For repairs and replacements, Rebuild-it offers turn-key labor services. Rebuild-it field technicians and crews are factory trained, certified, licensed and safety conscious. Supported by four major shop locations in the country that perform all of the required fabrication and machining, Rebuild-it takes you from start to finish, including blasting and painting your repaired/rebuilt equipment.

Rebuild-it is frequently called upon to inspect and repair clarifiers and clarifier drive units, thickeners and thickener drive units, headworks screens, grit equipment including classifiers, screw compactors, and conveyors, aeration mixers. sludge mixers, drum filters, rotary distributors, and more.

While Rebuild-it’s expertise and services are expansive, three areas of service stand apart:

  1. Drive Rebuilds – Rebuild-it’s team of qualified experts have rebuilt over 350 clarifier and thickener drive units in the last decade.  Rebuild-it strives to make sure that every rebuilt drive operates in “like new condition” and backs that up with a best in the business 3-year factory warranty.
  2. Headwork Screens Repairs and Rebuilds – Rebuild-it can remove your headwork screens, grit equipment, etc. and take them back to the shop for complete rebuilds, as well as perform emergency repairs on site.
  3. Rectangular Clarifier Retrofits – Frequently called upon to service and retrofit rectangular clarifiers, Rebuild-it can not only upgrade, but also provide you with replacement parts to your existing rectangular clarifier no matter the original manufacturer.

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