While representing a time of year when a number of fruits and vegetables are at their peak, September is also known as harvest month because it was a critical period to begin collecting crops before the onset of winter. In that spirit we’ve gathered three companies whose products and services are particularly adept at keeping you out of trouble, and overcoming problems when they do occur.

Plow right in with an example of a leading pump manufacturer providing real solutions to real challenges. Next, see why you’ve now “got a guy” when it comes to clarifier servicing, repair, or replacement. Then reap the benefits with a look at unparalleled performance and reliability in online disinfection monitoring in action.

So let’s cut to the Chatter . . .

Manufacturer of the Month

ITT GOULDS PUMPS is among the most widely recognized and respected brands in the global pump industry, and continues to lead the way in mechanical pump design and pumping system solutions. A perfect example of this is how Goulds came to the aid of a US power company whose pumps had begun to experience excessive vibration, that in turn was causing repeated mechanical seal failures and bearing wear.

The company’s three power plants are approaching 50 years of age and cracks had occurred in the pumps’ concrete foundations. In addition, seawater corrosion over time had reduced the wall thickness of the turning elbows, causing their resonance frequency to move closer to the running speed of the pumps.

It was determined that improved isolation between the discharge flange and the motor mounting would solve the problem. This is precisely what the patented Goulds Pumps O-Head is designed to achieve. With a traditional head design, any deflection at the discharge flange creates an even larger deflection at the seal housing and motor mounting flange. The O-Head, on the other hand, uses four separate legs to support the motor, which allows the discharge flange to move without affecting bearing alignment. Over the last 10 years, 12 pumps at the electric company have been fitted with the O-Head and a dramatic reduction in vibration has resulted in each of them. Eight more pumps are due to be upgraded next.

By mounting the motor on four legs, the O-Head effectively decouples the turning elbow from the motor.

The O-Head is ideal for very high flow, very low pressure applications with discharge sizes of 18-32” where vibration is an issue. This is most often caused by excessive or variable loads applied to the discharge flange. The O-Head is available both in new pumps and as retrofits. The Goulds Pumps OC-Head, which includes an additional isolation element between the head and upper bearing area, is recommended for discharge sizes above 32”. In either case, converting to them results in smoother-running pumps with greatly increased mean time between failure (MTBF), thus avoiding costly repairs and downtime.

For those planning to attend WEFTEC in Chicago next month, we encourage you to visit Goulds Pumps at booth #663.

The Cutting Edge

REBUILD-IT SERVICES GROUP (RSG), a Sentry Equipment Company, is a manufacturer and service provider of equipment and service to the water and wastewater industry. With the addition of RSG to Sentry Equipment, this meshing of two highly skilled, service-oriented teams now makes RSG the top in the industry for customer satisfaction and project performance.  RSG specializes in the supply of clarifier OEM parts, wastewater, and water on-site inspections, field service of any equipment at your plant, and turn-key solutions.

Clarifier Drive Unit Options
RSG has the unique ability to offer options for your clarifier drive unit issues. RSG offers a factory rebuild of your existing drive units, a used inventory for a refurbished drive unit option, and brand new, premium RSG drive units. In addition to the drive unit focus. RSG specializes in aerator and mixer gearboxes, complete rebuild/replacement of any clarifier brand. Working with many municipalities and industrial water and wastewater customers. RSG has become one of the most trusted clarifier servicing companies in the industry.




OEM Parts
RSG stocks new and used parts for all different types of equipment and manufacturers. RSG has the experience and know-how to answer any questions and help troubleshoot any issues that you may be having with your equipment. RSG can also perform a free inspection, no matter the original manufacturer. In addition, RSG has patented a stainless steel clevis to eliminate corrosion on your skimmer arm. Available in 3′, 4′, 5′ and 6′ assemblies, the skimmer can be retrofitted to any clarifier.

Premium Turn-Key Labor
RSG offers labor services by experienced trained professionals who know how to get the job done right the first time. Licensed and insured, RSG also maintains eight rebuild facilities across the U.S. to minimize downtime and deliver added customer convenience.

Rebuild-it Services Group is your one-stop shop for all your rebuild needs, regardless of the manufacturer.

Top Three

CHEMTRAC has been a leading manufacturer in process monitoring and control instruments since 1985. Specializing in water and wastewater treatment, we are committed to delivering results for our customers. Our HydroACT Reagentless Chlorine Analyzer exemplifies this commitment, offering unparalleled performance and reliability in online disinfection monitoring for the plant, and the distribution system.

Advanced, Versatile Controller
The HydroACT is more than just a chlorine analyzer: it’s a versatile solution for various disinfection needs. Capable of accepting additional sensors for parameters like pH, temperature, and conductivity, it also offers expandable I/O and PID control loops. Advanced communication protocols such as Modbus or PROFIBUS are supported, and the unit features built-in data logging with easy data download options

Industry-Leading Performance and Compliance
The Chemtrac HydroACT Reagentless Chlorine Analyzer sets the standard for reliability with its excellent track record of EPA Method 334.0 compliance. Our chlorine sensors are exceptionally stable, exhibiting a low drift rate in accuracy of around 1% per month. The analyzer’s buffered electrolyte minimizes pH dependency and further enhances accuracy.

Low Maintenance and Cost-Efficiency
Our chlorine sensors are designed for low maintenance, requiring only an annual replacement of the membrane and electrolyte. With no need for reagents, the analyzer offers a significantly lower total cost of ownership compared to traditional colorimetric systems.

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