Long Days

Turns out the longest day of the year for those of us in the northern hemisphere always falls on either June 20, 21, or 22. Of course the day with the most daylight hours is only one kind of ‘long day.’ There’s also those days when you’re having to deal with unexpected equipment or process problems at your facility. Fortunately, you have the Charles P. Crowley Company and CPC Systems at the ready with equipment and service solutions. Equally important, CPC Co. can work with you to minimize those types of issues arising in the future. We’ll help you say “so long” to those long days.

This month’s Chatter starts by shining a light on pioneering air quality solutions for over five decades. Next, it’s time to rise to the occasion, going above the wet well to make the case for switching from submersible pumps. Then, before calling it a day, we pause to admire unparalleled performance and reliability in online disinfection monitoring.

Time to soak up some Chatter …

Manufacturer of the Month

PURAFIL is the leading global provider of molecular air filtration. Over 50 years of experience and expertise fuels a passion for the continuous improvement of air quality. Our patented products remove harmful and unpleasant particles, gasses, and odors from the environment. Purafil protects thousands of industrial processes, commercial environments, and people every day.

Founded in 1969, Purafil started with a focus on corrosion control technology developed at the Colorado School of Mines. Over the years, Purafil has grown to include solutions for corrosion, odor, and toxic gas release mitigation. Today, Purafil operates as the industry leader in molecular air filtration, continuously setting the standards for air purification technologies.

Purafil offers an extensive range of patented products designed to eliminate harmful particles, gasses, and odors from the air. Our product line includes:

  • Molecular Filtration Media: Specialized filters that remove contaminants at the molecular level. Notable among them is the Purafil SP Blend Media, which is a mix of SP and activated carbon filtration media. It demonstrates a higher working capacity for broad-spectrum oxidation of contaminants in actual field conditions where multiple gas challenges are present.
  • Equipment: From the Drum Scrubber designed for bulk media applications, to the Deep Bed Scrubber highly effective for odor control, Purafil’s equipment ensures optimal air quality. The Positive Pressurization Unit is another essential piece of equipment that helps maintain clean air by creating a positive pressure environment, which keeps contaminants at bay.
  • Monitoring Systems: Purafil offers state-of-the-art systems to monitor and improve air quality in various environments. A standout product in this category is the OnGuard Monitoring System, which provides real-time air quality data and alerts, enabling proactive management of air filtration systems.
  • Laboratory Services: Purafil takes pride in our state-of-the-art, ISO 17025:2017 accredited lab that assists customers in classifying the air quality in varying environments. This accreditation ensures that Purafil meets specific standards for testing margins of error, which allows for more accurate results. Purafil generates over 20,000 analyses in 12 different languages every year.

Purafil’s suite of services extends beyond products to offer comprehensive air quality solutions. These include:

  • Consultation Services: Expert advice to help clients select the right gas phase air filtration systems customized for their needs.
  • Custom Solutions: Tailored air quality solutions to meet the specific requirements of diverse industries from municipal odor and corrosion control to industrial processes.

Impact on Industries
Purafil’s technology serves a diverse range of industries by protecting critical environments and ensuring optimal conditions. Our solutions are integral in healthcare, electronic manufacturing, and even wastewater treatment facilities. Specifically, our systems are employed in semiconductor facilities to maintain contaminant-free cleanrooms. In the water and wastewater industry, they are vital for odor elimination, protecting essential electronics from corrosion, and mitigating risks associated with toxic gas releases, thereby safeguarding both infrastructure and human life.

Purafil stands at the forefront of air quality innovation, driven by over 50 years of expertise and a passion for creating cleaner environments. With a commitment to making the world safer, healthier, and more productive, Purafil is dedicated to ongoing innovation and excellence in air quality solutions.

The Cutting Edge

Wastewater Pump Station innovator SMITH & LOVELESS pioneered package pump stations and non-solids centrifugal pump technology, and continues that spirit today with sustainable, above-ground lift station models that offer the very best in service life longevity, operator safety, and low life-cycle O&M costs. 

Smith & Loveless above-ground EVERLAST® Wet Well Mounted Pump Stations arrive pre-assembled and factory-tested with all equipment installed on a common base and a quick-access enclosure, allowing quick and easy installation on the wet well after basic suction pipe and electrical connections are completed. Here are three reasons why many are switching from submersible pumps to go above the wet well:

Industry most operator-safe pump station offers ease of maintenance
EVERLAST™ Pump Stations offer the industry’s most operator safe and easiest pump station to maintain. Because everything is above the wet well, inspection of the complete pump station can be safely accomplished in mere seconds, eliminating all of the confined space hassles and costs associated with pulling sewage-coated submersible pumps from the wet well and accessing confined space valve vaults. Routine tasks like pulling a pump to change a seal or impeller can be completed in minutes by a single operator without the use of outside contractors.

Long lasting S&L life translates to tremendous value
Proprietary S&L STAR ONE™ Non-Clog Pumps feature exclusive oversized stainless-steel pump shafts, oversized bearings, and bronze seal housings, yielding the industry’s longest pump service life and high efficiencies for solids-handling pumps. The larger shaft diameter provides increased rigidity, while its stainless-steel composition eliminates corrosion that leads to shaft deflection and eventual pump failure. With fewer parts and documented lower O&M costs when compared to submersibles, EVERLAST™ brings real value.

Innovative Pump Technology that Eliminates Clogging from Flushables
S&L Non-Clog Pumps are designed to meet the 10 States Standard for passing three-inch (3”) solids. Optional clog-busting equipment (like the proven X-PELLER™ mono-port impeller and RAPIDJACK™ quick-clean check valve) are highly proven solutions to today’s consumer flushables. Say goodbye to problem flushables!

Top Three

CHEMTRAC has been a leading manufacturer in process monitoring and control instruments since 1985. Specializing in water and wastewater treatment, we are committed to delivering results for our customers. Our HydroACT Reagentless Chlorine Analyzer exemplifies this commitment, offering unparalleled performance and reliability in online disinfection monitoring for the plant, and the distribution system.

Advanced, Versatile Controller
The HydroACT is more than just a chlorine analyzer: it’s a versatile solution for various disinfection needs. Capable of accepting additional sensors for parameters like pH, temperature, and conductivity, it also offers expandable I/O and PID control loops. Advanced communication protocols such as Modbus or PROFIBUS are supported, and the unit features built-in data logging with easy data download options

Industry-Leading Performance and Compliance
The Chemtrac HydroACT Reagentless Chlorine Analyzer sets the standard for reliability with its excellent track record of EPA Method 334.0 compliance. Our chlorine sensors are exceptionally stable, exhibiting a low drift rate in accuracy of around 1% per month. The analyzer’s buffered electrolyte minimizes pH dependency and further enhances accuracy.

Low Maintenance and Cost-Efficiency
Our chlorine sensors are designed for low maintenance, requiring only an annual replacement of the membrane and electrolyte. With no need for reagents, the analyzer offers a significantly lower total cost of ownership compared to traditional colorimetric systems.

For more information on these, or any of the products and manufacturers we represent, contact the Charles P. Crowley Company by calling 626-856-5656 or by emailing sales@cpcrowley.com.


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