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In the debut of our brand new Charlie’s Chatter format, we’re connecting the roles to all kinds of key pump accessories, diving into active mixing for stored water supplies, and turning up some ideal applications for 3-screw pumps.

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Now that you’re all caught up, let’s get to this month’s Chatter . . .

Manufacturer of the Month

GRIFFCO VALVE manufactures many accessories to ensure proper pump and system operation, which help improve accuracy, efficiency, longevity, and safety, including:

Back Pressure Valves help stabilize the downstream pressure and ensure that certain types of pumps deliver consistent flows or allow for high accuracy and stable operation. Also known as loading valves or anti-syphon valves. 

Pressure Relief Valves protect pumps, systems, or tanks from an upset condition (e.g. pressure spike, over pressurization, closed valve). Also known as safety valves or bypass valves. 

Calibration Columns measure flow and help calibrate metering and dosing pumps to ensure a high level of accuracy. Also known as calibration cylinders or calibration pots. 

Chemical Injection Valves enable passage of a liquid from a feed line into the center of a process line. Also known as injection quills. 

Gauge and Instrument Guards ensure optimal pressures are maintained in a chemical feed system and protect instruments against chemical attack. Also known as isolated pressure gauges. 

Corporation Stops allow for the injector quill to be removed without turning off the process flow. Can be fitted with an optional poppet to help minimize chemical build-up and improve chemical dispersion. 

Pulsation Dampeners reduce harmful shock waves and deliver continuous chemical dosage at the injection point. Also known as a suction stabilizer. 

Fusion Dampeners combine a pulsation dampener with a back pressure valve to provide a smooth flow through the back pressure valve and reduces installation space. 

Y-Strainers enhance the performance of chemical feed systems. The addition of a Y-Strainer to the suction side of the chemical feed pump prevents debris from entering the pump and clogging the check valves or damaging the interior of the pump head.

The Cutting Edge

Let’s take a deeper dive into KASCO‘s CertiSafe™ Mixer for potable water, certified and tested to strict NSF/ANSI 61 & NSF/ANSI 372 standards, and designed for use in drinking water storage tanks and reservoirs 20,000 gallons and larger. This powerful, active tank mixer is fully submersible up to 50 ft. of depth, easy to install, and can be mounted using a floor, suspension or pipe mount. 

  • Eliminates thermal stratification
  • Reduces residual loss
  • Eliminates chemical stratification
  • Reduces differences in water taste and odor
  • Reduces nitrification risk in chloraminated water
  • Lowers rate of disinfection by-product (DBP)
  • Prevents tank from ice damage and corrosion
  • Lowers the rate of sediment accumulation

Control panels for CertiSafe™ are 60Hz, single phase units available in 120V and 240V. UL listed and easy to install, these panels include an H-O-A control switch, indicator LED, and SCADA I/O for remote operation and monitoring. Control panel, unit mounting, and solar options are available separately. Kasco CertiSafe™ Mixers are ETL Listed to UL and CSA standards.

Unchanging and predictable water quality is key to a well-run distribution system, and active mixing is key to improving and controlling water quality in your stored water supply.

Top Three

Manufactured under ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, IMO PUMP continues to be on top when it comes to rotary positive displacement 3-screw pumps.

The largest class of multiple screw pumps in service today, IMO’s 3-screw pumps are the preferred choice for machinery lubrication and powering hydraulic machinery, among many other applications. Flow rates are available from 1 to 3300 GPM (4 to 13,250 L/M) or for operating pressures to 4500 PSIG (310 BAR). IMO designs include seal-less configurations, such as magnetic drives and canned arrangements.

Renowned for their low noise levels, high reliability, and long life, IMO 3-screw pumps are also capable of water injection services, as well as coolant service for machine tools. 

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