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Along with providing Equipment and Expertise without equal, Engagement with our customers, manufacturers, contractors, colleagues, and friends is a core attribute of the Charles P. Crowley Company. In that spirit, we’re very much looking forward to taking part in the 38th Annual Tri-State Seminar in Las Vegas next month. If you’re going to be there as well, be sure to stop by our booth during the exhibits August 8-9 and say hello!  

In the meantime, let’s check out this month’s Chatter. First, we take a turn and learn how leading three-screw technology tackles the toughest pumping challenges. Then establish that even though the name has changed, the results remain when it comes to polymer activation and blending methods. Finally, to wrap things up, we quickly flow through a set of inline static mixing and blending solutions that stand apart from the rest.

Time to roll out the Chatter! . . .

Manufacturer of the Month

IMO PUMP is part of CIRCOR International, the market leader and #1 global provider of positive displacement pumps and specialty centrifugal pumps. Manufacturing rotary positive-displacement three-screw and gear pumps, the IMO Pump brand offers precise and reliable performance, with the ability to meet strict requirements. 

IMO Three-Screw Technology — Solving Your Toughest Challenges
IMO three-screw pumps incorporate a positive displacement rotary design consisting of a housing, which envelops the drive screw (power rotor) and the sealing screws (idler rotors). The intermeshing of the threads of these rotors, along with the close fit of the surrounding housing, creates a moving labyrinth seal, which captures the valuable fluid and transports it axially. The enclosed area containing the fluid is referred to as a fluid closure. The pumping element does not pre-compress the fluid, but rather transports it from the suction side of the pump to the discharge port in a smooth, continuous manner. It is the fluid closure concept that provides the three-screw pump with its positive displacement capability.

Symmetrical pressure loading on the power rotor eliminates the need for bearings to absorb radial forces. The idler rotors generate a hydrodynamic film, which provides radial support similar to journal bearings. Axial loads on the power rotor and idler rotors, created by differential pressure, are hydrostatically balanced. This dramatically increases the life of the pump.

Strengths of Three-Screw Pump Technology:

  • High pressure boost capabilities, even when handling low viscosity fluids
  • One of the highest overall efficiencies when handling heavy crude 3
  • Simple pump design with only three rotating parts and one shaft seal
  • Designs available to the latest edition of API 676

A Partner in Your Success
IMO Pump and CIRCOR understand the challenges you face, respect the high stakes of mission critical equipment, and stand ready to deliver the solutions you need to meet your toughest challenges, and help you redefine what’s possible for your business.

To learn more and delve into CIRCOR’s complete pump product portfolio visit their unique, interactive Industrial Pump Virtual Showroom.

The Cutting Edge

UGSI Solutions, the parent company of UGSI Chemical Feed, has rebranded itself as CLEANWATER1, Inc. While the name has changed, the company’s commitment to delivering exceptional products remains unwavering. Cleanwater1 continues to offer a wide range of water treatment solutions, including On-Site Hypochlorite Generation and Polymer activation and blending, making it a recognized leader in the industry.

Cleanwater1 is renowned for its extensive line of hydraulic and mechanical polymer activation methods, providing the most comprehensive selection available. Among its proven technologies are the Polyblend® mechanical polymer feeders, as well as the Dynablend™ and Dynajet™ hydraulic polymer feeders. These systems have been successfully deployed in numerous installations over the past several decades, solidifying Cleanwater1’s position as the industry leader in polymer activation and blending. 

Key features of Cleanwater1’s products include:

  • Two-stage mixing: The system employs a two-stage mixing process that applies the highest energy during the moment of initial wetting (MOIW). This approach ensures optimal activation of the polymer by following it with a “quiescent” zone, allowing for more gentle activation in line with polymer science principles.
  • Extended residence time: The polymer remains in the “quiescent” zone for an extended period, optimizing the exposure of charge sites and enabling the polymer to be activated in the most effective manner possible.
  • Flexible options: Cleanwater1 offers various control options, pneumatic conveyance for dry polymer, economic mix tank design, and secondary dilution. These features allow the systems to be tailored to fit the specific conditions and challenges of any water treatment site.

One endorsement of Cleanwater1’s products comes from the Santa Margarita Water District (SMWD) in Southern California’s Orange County. Seeking an effective polymer activation system, SMWD conducted a trial at its 3A Water Reclamation Plant, featuring the Polyblend® system, which incorporates the new Magnum mix chamber. This innovative design ensures two-stage polymer activation, employing high-shear mixing during MOIW to achieve maximum hydration and viscosity of the polymer particles in the shortest time. It also incorporates low-shear mixing to prevent the breakup of polymer chains once activated. The Polyblend® system performed so well that SMWD purchased it after the trial.

Top Three

KOFLO Corporation is a leading manufacturer of inline static mixing and blending solutions. Founded in 1983, Koflo has over 40 years of experience in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of static mixers and offers a complete line of custom-engineered and in-stock solutions for nearly every inline fluid blending application. The Koflo difference includes:

End-to-End Custom Mixer Design 
Complex mixing problems often require unique, innovative solutions. Koflo’s dedicated sales team is trained on proprietary static mixer design software, which allows for near instantaneous iteration on custom mixer configurations and pricing. For novel mixing applications, Koflo utilizes the most advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (“CFD”) software, enabling efficient in-house design and testing. With extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities and control over the entire production process, Koflo is an end-to-end partner for quickly delivering complex mixing solutions. Expect custom mixing solutions in weeks, not months.

Extensive In-stock Inventory
Hundreds of in-stock models and thousands of mixers are on hand and available for immediate shipment. In-stock solutions include sizes up to 6” diameter and are available in a wide range of chemically compatible materials.

Integrated Injection Solutions
Koflo is the only static mixer manufacturer with a complete line of fixed and retractable injection quills, ensuring a comprehensive approach to chemical injection and mixing.

For more information on these, or any of the products and manufacturers we represent, contact the Charles P. Crowley Company by calling 626-856-5656 or by emailing sales@cpcrowley.com.


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