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Sure, Valentines Day sits smack in the middle of the month, but this is also Crowley Critter time! If you don’t already know, the Crowley Critter is our limited edition collectable provided to loyal customers as a token of our appreciation. Every year a new critter joins the pack, and we all get to follow its travels and adventures in photos submitted by its lucky handlers (aka recipients). We’re happy to report that 2024’s critter, Charlie Camel, has faithfully reported for duty. Turns out camels are not only dependable, but good-natured, patient, intelligent, and when needed, speedy. We’d like to think the Charles P. Crowley Company shares those characteristics, helping our customers find the right products and solutions to get the job done.

This month we start things off by making a case (study) for a polymer system that actually reduced polymer usage by over 25%. Next, we take a quick spin through next-generation aeration and mixing technology. Then top things off with three reasons to go above (the wet well) and switch from submersible pumps. 

Time to ride on into the Chatter… 

Manufacturer of the Month

In case you haven’t heard, UGSI Solutions has changed its name to CLEANWATER1.  This new name better reflects their comprehensive offerings in the water and wastewater industry while maintaining the same great products you know and trust. Cleanwater1, Inc., offers a wide range of innovative products including our Polyblend® and Dynablend™ Polymer Feed Systems. 

Cleanwater1 systems are making a difference throughout the country. Just look at one Water District that reduced polymer usage by over 25% with the Polyblend® DP 800 Dry Polymer System:

The City of Dixon goes through roughly 1.6 billion gallons of water annually. In order to provide water to nearly 4,300 households and businesses, the City of Dixon upgraded to a 4.5 MGD wastewater treatment plant. 

Much like most other wastewater treatment plants, Dixon’s wastewater treatment plant uses polymer to aid in the dewatering of biosolids. Unfortunately, Dixon was running into some issues with their current system that was ratcheting up their costs. The plant staff at Dixon began searching for an economical alternative that would not jeopardize quality or efficiency.

The introduction of the Polyblend® DP 800 Dry Polymer System proved to be an excellent choice for the City of Dixon. It reduced overall operational, maintenance and polymer costs. The City reduced polymer consumption by 25%. The Polyblend® DP 800 has been in use for over a decade. The City of Dixon couldn’t be happier with its performance.

  • Reduction In Polymer Consumption by over 25%.
  • The Polyblend® system improved polymer performance in terms of sludge dryness, solids capture, water clarity, drainage and overall retention.
  • The introduction of this new system lead to significant cost savings, which was one of the key issues plaguing the plant prior to the Polyblend® installation.
  • The Polyblend® DP 800 reduced polymer consumption by through proper energy, impeller size and recirculation. This also prevented agglomerations and minimized polymer facture. 
  • The new system required far less maintenance further reducing operating costs.

The Cutting Edge

TITUS® Twister® Mixing Aerators have earned the label: Aeration Elevated. In both municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, the presence of high levels of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gases and various chemicals can lead to pervasive odors, corrosion, and safety hazards. Moreover, they pose significant challenges in terms of maintenance and equipment longevity.

Compounded by F.O.G. (fats, oils, greases), inorganic solids, pharmaceuticals, and waterborne pathogens, these issues directly impact the efficiency and health of collection systems, pump stations, lift stations, and wet wells. TITUS has revolutionized aeration and mixing in the wastewater industry with the innovative TITUS Twister Mixing Aerator. This groundbreaking solution offers chemical-free, highly efficient mixing capabilities, mechanical breakdown of solids (without any moving parts) and fosters optimal aerobic conditions to combat wastewater challenges. At the core of its effectiveness lies a unique patented design featuring Air-Lift Technology, membrane diffusers for enhanced dissolved oxygen delivery, robust stainless steel and HDPE components, advanced odor control mechanisms, and a range of standard systems adaptable to various applications.

In essence, TITUS Twister Mixing Aerators represent the epitome of next-generation aeration and mixing technology. Through a blend of passion, expertise, and cutting-edge patented innovations, the Twister series delivers superior outcomes at reduced costs and effort. 

  • Provides superior aeration and mixing efficiency
  • Eliminates odors without chemicals
  • Engineered for enduring durability
  • Simple installation and operation (can be operational within an hour)
  • Requires minimal maintenance compared to alternatives
  • Offers substantial and tangible savings in time and costs

Do you have wastewater lagoons? Are you grappling with sludge or odor issues? Explore the TITUS Twister-FL Floating Aerators. Featuring the same technology, quality, and reliability as the TITUS Twister, these units come with additional efficiency and safety features tailored for lagoon applications.

Top Three

Wastewater Pump Station innovator SMITH & LOVELESS pioneered package pump stations and non-solids centrifugal pump technology, and continues that spirit today with sustainable, above-ground lift station models that offer the very best in service life longevity, operator safety, and low life-cycle O&M costs. 

Smith & Loveless above-ground EVERLAST® Wet Well Mounted Pump Stations arrive pre-assembled and factory-tested with all equipment installed on a common base and a quick-access enclosure, allowing quick and easy installation on the wet well after basic suction pipe and electrical connections are completed. Here are three reasons why many are switching from submersible pumps to go above the wet well:

Industry most operator-safe pump station offers ease of maintenance
EVERLAST™ Pump Stations offer the industry’s most operator safe and easiest pump station to maintain. Because everything is above the wet well, inspection of the complete pump station can be safely accomplished in mere seconds, eliminating all of the confined space hassles and costs associated with pulling sewage-coated submersible pumps from the wet well and accessing confined space valve vaults. Routine tasks like pulling a pump to change a seal or impeller can be completed in minutes by a single operator without the use of outside contractors.

Long lasting S&L life translates to tremendous value
Proprietary S&L STAR ONE™ Non-Clog Pumps feature exclusive oversized stainless-steel pump shafts, oversized bearings, and bronze seal housings, yielding the industry’s longest pump service life and high efficiencies for solids-handling pumps. The larger shaft diameter provides increased rigidity, while its stainless-steel composition eliminates corrosion that leads to shaft deflection and eventual pump failure. With fewer parts and documented lower O&M costs when compared to submersibles, EVERLAST™ brings real value.

Innovative Pump Technology that Eliminates Clogging from Flushables
S&L Non-Clog Pumps are designed to meet the 10 States Standard for passing three-inch (3”) solids. Optional clog-busting equipment (like the proven X-PELLER™ mono-port impeller and RAPIDJACK™ quick-clean check valve) are highly proven solutions to today’s consumer flushables. Say goodbye to problem flushables!

For more information on these, or any of the products and manufacturers we represent, contact the Charles P. Crowley Company by calling 626-856-5656 or by emailing sales@cpcrowley.com.


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