Summer Sizzle

When putting together a Chatter, much like when you’re firing up the grill for a summer gathering, it’s always best to have a little something for everyone. We’re starting things off by bringing the heat, exploring an array of exceptional laser-welded and hydraulically-inflated laser plates for efficiently and effectively heating or cooling products in a multitude of applications.

Then we mix things up with the next generation of wastewater solutions, including mixing aerators for pump stations, wet wells, and lift stations, as well as floating aerators for large wastewater tanks and lagoons.

Finally, we let ‘the boys in the lab’ make a splash, and make the case for protecting your control room electronics in order to prevent downtime, reduce maintenance costs, and avoid unwanted replacement expenses.

Sounds like a full day, so let’s jump into the Chatter! . . .

Manufacturer of the Month

As the original developer of Laser Plate Laser Welding machines and with 50 years of combined global manufacturing experience, OMEGA THERMO PRODUCTS is the market leader in Laser Plate heat exchangers. Omega’s Laser Plates excel when used in integral tank construction, immersion applications or clamp-on applications. By placing the heat exchangers in the right application, a product can be heated or cooled to project requirements and energy can be saved.

Clamp-on Laser Plates are used by mounting onto existing applications to provide heating or cooling of the product inside the existing vessel. Clamp-on plates are available in either single or double embossed construction, they can be flat or in the rolled orientation for use on tanks. Rather than cooling an entire room of tanks or investing in newly fabricated tanks with built-in heat exchangers, a more cost-effective solution can be obtained by installing Omega’s Tank Clamp-on Laser Plates.

Immersion Heat Exchangers make it easy to cool or heat a numerous variety of liquids. The flexible design ensures that the plates are easy to clean and maintain. Immersion Heat Exchangers can be a single plate or an assembly of multiple Laser Plates that are banked together and immersed in a container with liquid. The medium in the plates can then cool or heat the liquid in the container. Our Immersion Products can be utilized in either a continuous flow or a batch process.

Heat Recovery Banks capture heat that is exhausted or vented during plant process applications and provide energy savings by using the recovered heat in multiple preheating applications.

Bayonet Heaters are an energy efficient, water saving alternative to steam sparging for heating process vessels. They are installed in the side entry of the tank. A mounting flange, which is provided, is bolted to the side of the tank for ease of insertion and removal. This allows for good natural convection circulation of the fluid being heated. These heaters are ideal for use in recirculating systems and other applications where automatically controlled temperatures are needed. The manufacturing process for Suction Heaters is essentially the same as bayonet heaters except for a four-sided sealed shroud that encloses the plates with an opening on the far end

The Cutting Edge

TITUS Wastewater Solutions Inc. leverages decades of experience, unique design, and cutting-edge technology to produce wastewater aeration solutions that are longer lasting, easier to install and operate, and more robust and effective than competitive products. Titus has elevated wastewater aeration to a new level, saving time for end users, facility managers and operators, while also cutting costs of maintenance, repairs, and replacement.

Tutus Twister Mixing Aerators

  • Provide greater aeration and more effective mixing through Airlift technology
  • Eliminate odors without the use of chemicals
  • Destroy F.O.G. (fats/oils/grease)
  • Designed and manufactured for durability
  • Easy to install and operate (up and running in as little as an hour)
  • Require less maintenance than comparable solutions
  • Provide tremendous and demonstrable savings in time and costs
  • Are available as Diffused-Air-Only or Ozone-Enhanced systems

Titus Twister-FL Floating Aerators

  • Deliver effective aeration and mixing for lagoons and large tanks
  • Operate in extreme low temperatures
  • Provide greater area of influence
  • Designed and fabricated for durability
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Require less maintenance than other lagoon aerators
  • Adapt to a wide range of applications
  • Low life cycle time, maintenance, and replacement costs

Titus Twister Mixing Aerators and Titus Twister-FL Floating Aerators provide ideal solutions for municipalities, industrial wastewater managers, commercial and hospitality facility managers, and engineers.

Top Three

PURAFIL is the leading manufacturer of gas phase filtration media, scrubbers, and monitors in the water and wastewater industries. Purafil products and solutions identify and remove harmful and unpleasant odors, gases, and particles from the environment. The results are increased comfort levels, better equipment reliability, and confidence that environmental safety regulations are being met and exceeded.

But did you know Purafil is also poised to help you avoid experiencing equipment failure? You can prevent downtime, reduce maintenance costs, and avoid replacement expenses by protecting your control rooms, starting with a Corrosion Classification Coupon from Purafil.

Case in point: Something in the air!

The Suspect — H2S isn’t just a source of nuisance odors. It is also the leading factor in the failure of control systems due to accelerated corrosion on sensitive electronics. hydrogen sulfide gas is biochemically oxidized in the presence of moisture to form sulfuric acid, which can quickly wreak havoc on unprotected electronics.

The Investigation — To ensure protected control rooms and critical spaces, Purafil uses Corrosion Classification Coupons (CCC). These Corrosion Coupons have copper and silver metal strips that represent the sensitive electronic components you rely on when exposed to the air in your environment. These coupons are unobtrusive and easy to install with just a zip tie. Over the course of a 30-day installation period, any corrosive air present causes build up on the surface of these metal strips. After 30 days, the coupon is sent back to our ISO 17025:2017 accredited lab for analysis.

The Verdict — Your unique air quality report includes a summary of your results based on ISA 71.04-2013 severity level standards. Your environment will be classified under 1 of 4 classes of air quality based on the amount of corrosion detected over a 30-day period. We will also highlight the presence of, and estimated concentration levels of, common corrosive contaminants that we are able to detect during the coupon analysis process. This summary breaks down the science simply so you can easily understand exactly what it means for your facilities.

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