The Trick to Treats

Odds are you can probably still remember which houses in your neighborhood growing up gave out the best candy on Halloween. Even as kids, we saw the advantage of knowing who to ask and where to go for the “good stuff.” As it happens, the very same advantage you get every day by working with the Charles P. Crowley Company.

This month we’re treating you to a clarifying message from the CEO of a leading provider of water quality solutions, and a local example of the impact their polymer activation system can have. Then we mix in a look at the next generation of wastewater solutions, including mixing aerators for pump stations, wet wells, and lift stations, as well as floating aerators for large wastewater tanks and lagoons. To wrap up, we spotlight the advantages of a retractable quill developed specifically for sodium hypochlorite, as just one example from a complete line of retractable injection quills. 

Now let’s grab some Chatter . . .

Manufacturer of the Month

In case you haven’t heard, UGSI Solutions has changed its name to CLEANWATER1. This new name better reflects their comprehensive offerings in the water and wastewater industry while maintaining the same great products you know and trust.

Cleanwater1, Inc., offers a wide range of innovative products including our Polyblend® and Dynablend™ Polymer Feed Systems, and Encore® Chemical Metering Pumps.

Cleanwater1 systems are making a difference throughout the country.  Just look at one Southern California Water District that reduced polymer usage 30% with the Polyblend® Polymer Activation System:

Santa Margarita Water District (SMWD), located in Orange County, provides drinking water and wastewater services to over 165,000 residents and businesses. The District was originally formed in 1964 by a group of ranchers who wanted to create a reliable source of water for their cattle in the arid Southern California climate where rain is scarce. The population of this area of southern Orange County grew rapidly from the late 1960’s through the 1990’s. The District grew with the burgeoning population and now SMWD monitors and maintains more than 1,200 miles of water and sewer lines across the District’s 62,674-acre service area to ensure customers receive the water and sewer services they need.

As the District has begun to develop water recycling projects, the issue of optimizing wastewater processes has increased in importance. The emphasis has turned to obtaining greater rates of efficiency for the polymer used in the thickening and dewatering processes. SMWD uses a centrifuge for  liquid/solids separation as part of the dewatering process. Centrifuges generally use more polymer than other equipment, therefore optimizing polymer activation is critical to maximizing efficiency of polymer use. Another key objective was to obtain a drier cake to reduce hauling and disposal costs. Most importantly, it left SMWD with cleaner effluent to use in its recycled water projects.


  • The investment in Polyblend® system allowed SMWD to reduce polymer usage by just over 30%.
  • The Polyblend® system was also capable of producing 20% more treated sludge when compared to their previous system, based off the demo results.
  • The Polyblend® system was also able to achieve these results in just over a week as well, further proving its efficiency prowess over SMWD’s old system.

The Cutting Edge

TITUS Wastewater Solutions Inc. leverages decades of experience, unique design, and cutting-edge technology to produce wastewater aeration solutions that are longer lasting, easier to install and operate, and more robust and effective than competitive products. Titus has elevated wastewater aeration to a new level, saving time for end users, facility managers and operators, while also cutting costs of maintenance, repairs, and replacement.

Tutus Twister Mixing Aerators

Provide greater aeration and more effective mixing through Airlift technology

  • Eliminate odors without the use of chemicals
  • Destroy F.O.G. (fats/oils/grease)
  • Designed and manufactured for durability
  • Easy to install and operate (up and running in as little as an hour)
  • Require less maintenance than comparable solutions
  • Provide tremendous and demonstrable savings in time and costs
  • Are available as Diffused-Air-Only or Ozone-Enhanced systems

Titus Twister-FL Floating Aerators

  • Deliver effective aeration and mixing for lagoons and large tanks
  • Operate in extreme low temperatures
  • Provide greater area of influence
  • Designed and fabricated for durability
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Require less maintenance than other lagoon aerators
  • Adapt to a wide range of applications
  • Low life cycle time, maintenance, and replacement costs

Titus Twister Mixing Aerators and Titus Twister-FL Floating Aerators provide ideal solutions for municipalities, industrial wastewater managers, commercial and hospitality facility managers, and engineers.

Top Three

SAF-T-FLO specializes in manufacturing injection quills, diffusers, sampling probes and other products for use in chemical injection applications. While mainly focused on the municipal water and wastewater treatment industries, Saf-T-Flo also provides a wide range of solutions for liquid chemical metering processes in a variety of other industries.

SAF-T-FLO EB-125 Series Injection Quill

Of all their products, Saf-T-Flo’s specialty is their family of retractable injection quills. Many chemical feeds are prone to fouling or clogging at the point of injection. A retractable quill allows operators to access the injector to clear this fouling and get it back into service without having to wait for a shutdown period or having to fully depressurize the process pipe/main. This makes for an easier, quicker, and ultimately safer maintenance cycle.

Each application point provides its own unique characteristics. The extensive range of sizes, features, and materials provided by Saf-T-Flo allows for the selection of a product that is specific to the intended use. A perfect example of this is the EB-125 series retractable quill.

The EB-125 was developed specifically for sodium hypochlorite feeds. Sodium hypochlorite is notorious for its tendency to clog at the point of injection, often resulting in expensive repairs if neglected. The EB-125 takes the base design of Saf-T-Flo’s standard service injectors and incorporates several features that make it stand out:

DRY-BREAK QUICK DISCONNECT – Allows the operator to easily disconnect and isolate the incoming chemical feed line from the quill during the insertion or retraction process.

SPRING LOADED CHECK VALVE – Provides isolation from the process flow during insertion or retraction as well as keep process water from mixing and forming deposits further upstream in the chemical feed line.

SAF-T-SEAL ELASTOMERIC TIP – Extends out maintenance intervals by inhibiting the formation of clogging deposits inside the injector.

saftflo_SAF-T-SEAL Tip
SAF-T-Seal Elastomeric Tip

The EB-125 is just one example of the attention to detail that sets SAF-T-FLO products apart.  The full line of products is intended to allow you to select the exact injector you need no matter the chemical or physical requirements of the application.

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